SONIMAT - Welding and cutting solutions for industry

Founded in 1992, SONIMAT is an innovative company focused on working with recognized integrators in order to provide state of the art technology and suitable complete solutions to end customers.

French leader and manufacturer of digital ultrasonic components, SONIMAT provides recognized and proven expertise in various areas: 

  • Plastic welding and assembly
  • Composite welding and cutting
  • Packaging welding (intermittent and continuous)
  • Fabrics welding (woven and non-woven)
  • Food processing - ultrasonic cutting and sonotrodes
  • Metals welding and molecular adhesion

Our main technology is about ultrasonic components to be used for ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic sealing, ulltrasonic cutting and ultrasonic slicing. SONIMAT manufactures itself digital generators, converters, boosters and sonotrodes. By controlling the complete supply chain of ultrasonic equipment, SONIMAT provides high quality solutions to its clients.

Moreover, in order to provide full plastic welding solutions, SONIMAT has developped a recognized knowledge in all plastic assembly issues. Our skilled engineers are able to meet your assembly specifications and product developments by  providing the most suitable plastic welding and assembly solutions: Hot plate, Infrared, Spin welding, Ultrasonic welding, Ultrasonic riveting and Ultrasonic insertion.