Europe Technologies' subsidiaries own specific know-how, sometimes unique.
Thanks to our constant innovation, our subsidiaries registered several patents.

For its export development in America, Europe technologies is based on its subsidiary EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES.

The Group allocate between 10 and 15% of its turnover to innovation and Research & Development.
Furthermore, we are part of OSEO's "Centre of Excellence".

Europe Technologies is composed by three business units. Their respective know-how and technical resources allow Europe Technologies to satisfy various industrial sectors.


Technological B.U - Europe Technologies

  • SONATS  Innovative impact surface treatment solutions SONATS
  • SONIMAT  Welding and cutting solutions for industry sonimat
  • EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES  Innovative industrial solutions Empowering Technologies
  • GEBE2  Get robotized GéBé2



Mechanical B.U - Europe Technologies

  • ORATECH  Solutions and advanced machining technology MPS ORatech



Composite B.U - Europe Technologies

  • AIC  Solutions and services for your composite parts AIC